We help investors choose wisely

We deliver an evaluation of prospective medical device investment opportunities.

What we Deliver

We provide a report (usually 3-4 pages) that evaluates your prospective investment for its salability, competitiveness and commercialization potential.


Although a product or service may be free of any direct competitive threat, that doesn’t mean that a clinician will change his existing practices and adopt the new product. We provide an assessment of the likelihood for clinical adoption. We will characterize the clinical value, the cost-effectiveness, the ease of use, and other variables that go into a physician’s decision as to whether to adopt a new technology or approach.


We will evaluate the product or service offered by the target company and compare it with the alternatives, including direct or indirect competitors, to verify that there is a pathway to adoption and that there are no obvious threats to the near-term commercial viability of the product.

Commercialization Potential

In the United States and certain other countries, obtaining reimbursement is key to broad commercial success of a new medical device. We provide an assessment of the challenges and considerations related to gaining reimbursement in the United States and selected key international markets. Additionally, we provide an overview of the costs and time-frames involved in gaining regulatory clearance in key international markets We also provide an outlook regarding the prospects for setting up effective distribution overseas and some of the considerations.

Our typical delivery time-frame is 7 days. Faster delivery is available upon request.

How We Work

We gather information through online research as well as thorugh personal communications with knowledgable people within the industry including business-people and clinicians.


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